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TPMS + Booster

TPMS + Booster

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Tire Pressure Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring the tire pressure and temperature on your car, truck, or trailer just got easier thanks to Hypertech’s TPMS Monitor and Booster system. Whether you’re looking to monitor the tire pressure on your vehicle that isn’t equipped with factory TPMS, or keep tabs on the tire pressures and temperatures on your trailer while your rolling down the road, this system is for you! Hypertech’s TPMS Monitor wirelessly connects sensors that simply replace your valve stem caps, displaying individual tire pressures and temperatures on an easy-to-read LCD dash-mounted display. Hypertech’s TMPS Booster allows you to easily extend the range of the sensors for longer trailers, ensuring you have the accurate information you need.


Safely & Easily Monitor Your Trailer or Older Vehicle’s Tire Pressures

  • Monitor tire pressure & temperature for safety & best possible fuel efficiency
  • Wireless LCD unit displays tire pressure & temperature for each included TPMS sensor
  • Audible alarms for too high/low air pressure, an air leak, or excessive tire temperature
  • Installs quickly & easily


Boosts The Signals from our TPMS Sensors to the Hypertech Wireless TPMS Monitor Display

  • Ideal for long trailers
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • Installs quickly & easily
  • Includes 25 ft. wiring harness

Emissions Certifications: Not for sale or use in California

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