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  • Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, pioneers the groundbreaking procedure of Power Tuning designed exclusively for Polaris RZRs. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has led us to develop a process that revolutionizes the performance and efficiency of computer-controlled off-road vehicles. An internal combustion engine needs air, fuel, and spark, the familiar "Combustion Triangle"—dictates power. Roost Dirt Sports' powered by Hypertech Power Tuning optimizes these fundamental elements to unleash unparalleled performance in your Polaris RZR.

  • The secret lies in the precise calibration of the air/fuel mixture—an art mastered through our rigorous Power Tuning process. By meticulously fine-tuning this crucial ratio, we unlock the full potential of your Polaris RZR, ensuring every ounce of power is harnessed. Polaris RZRs incorporate sophisticated onboard computer systems governing vital engine functions, including spark timing and fuel delivery. Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, replaces the stock calibrations in these systems with our state-of-the-art Power Tuning programs. By supplying the computer with optimized tuning information, we empower you to modify fuel delivery and spark timing, resulting in a remarkable boost in power.

  • It is a slow, demanding, expensive process, but it is the only way to optimize engine tuning. At Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, we possess the expertise, custom tools, and unrelenting commitment required to deliver the ultimate Power Tuning experience for Polaris RZRs. Our mission is to provide off-road enthusiasts like yourself with the highest caliber performance enhancements available.

The Art and Science of Power Tuning

At the forefront of Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, is our advanced R&D center in Memphis. Here, our team of engineers and technicians employs two computerized chassis dynamometers to develop the most potent tuning programs tailored for Polaris RZRs. Our process begins with experimental adjustments of spark timing to achieve optimal torque and power readings at specific engine RPMs. Simultaneously, we finely tune the air/fuel ratio to unleash maximum power and torque potential with an optimized mixture. This meticulous optimization is carried out point by point, gradually increasing the RPMs to the engine's peak. This precision-driven technique, known as experimental point-by-point curve fitting, ensures unparalleled power tuning for Polaris RZRs.

To guarantee exceptional performance, our Hypertech Power Tuning calibrations are extensively tested under real-world driving conditions. These tests validate the impressive power gains you can feel and the unwavering dependability you can trust. Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, offers a paradigm-shifting approach to optimize the performance of your Polaris RZR. With our cutting-edge tuning expertise, you'll experience the thrill of unmatched power enhancements and the assurance of unmatched reliability.

  • Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech, sets a new standard in power tuning exclusively for Polaris RZRs. While generic tuning caters to average drivers using low-octane fuel, our engineered calibrations are crafted for performance enthusiasts who prioritize power and use premium-grade fuel.

  • At Roost Dirt Sports, generic tuning is not an option. We focus on optimizing performance for Polaris RZRs. Our advanced Power Programmer stores an extensive database of Power Tuning programs. When connected, the Power Programmer downloads a tailored Power Tuning program, precisely optimized for your specific RZR model.

  • Roost Dirt Sports' powered by Hypertech Power Tuning elevates not only the performance of Polaris RZRs but our precise approach to high-performance engine tuning is backed by specialized equipment and software engineering expertise. We also offer tuning options specifically optimized for regular fuel. Explore our feature comparison charts for tailored solutions.

  • Increasing horsepower and torque is as easy as pressing a button with Roost Dirt Sports' Power Programmer. Connect it to your Polaris RZR, answer a series of "Yes/No" questions, and let it do the rest. Roost Dirt Sports' Power Tuning injects joy and excitement into your driving experience. Unleash the full potential of your Polaris RZR with our unparalleled performance enhancements. Get ready to elevate your off-road adventures with Roost Dirt Sports, powered by Hypertech.