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Hypertech, Inc.

Rear XP Limit Strap - Part #3001001 - PowerSport Accessories

Rear XP Limit Strap - Part #3001001 - PowerSport Accessories

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Available for RZR 1000 XP/XP4, RZR Turbo XP/XP4 RS1 & S 900

The Hypertech Powersports custom suspension limit straps are a simple bolt-on addition for your Polaris RZR that prevents drivetrain and suspension damage. These kits are designed with heavy duty, quad-layer nylon straps built to handle the shock of your RZR’s unsprung weight when jumping or speeding over rough terrain. Designed and made in the USA, the Hypertech Powersports limit straps fit all years of the Polaris RZR XP/XP4 Turbo, XP/XP4 1000, RS1, and S 900. All necessary hardware and instructions are included with the kit.

Suspension travel limit straps are a crucial part of your RZR’s suspension setup. The factory suspension only limits down-travel when the stock shocks reach their mechanical limit at full extension. The weight of your wheels and tires extending quickly during a jump, or repeatedly over high speed rough terrain can damage the suspension components if left to hit the mechanical limits over and over. At full extension, the CV axle angle is at its maximum degree of deflection which can shorten the life of the CV axle and possibly lead to damage. Incorporating a set of Hypertech Powersports limit straps prevents damage to the suspension and drivetrain components by not only shortening the maximum extension of the suspension, but by also softening the blow when reaching full extension.
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