Safety and Recovery Accessories

Safety and Recovery Accessories

Two items that belong on the list of Polaris RZR RS1 accessories, Polaris RZR XP 1000 accessories, or select Polaris RZR vehicles are the Recovery Kit and 4-Point Safety Harness.

Recovery Kit

The Hypertech Sport UTV Recovery Kit has the components for any scenario. Each component matches the requirements of a Sport UTV machine where storage space is premium. The latest, expensive synthetic ropes used in the components reduce the storage space needed to carry them. Included in the kits are:

  • One tow rope
  • Two soft shackles
  • A pair of recovery gloves
  • A storage bag
  • One tree saver
  • One bow shackle
  • One snatch hook

The tow rope has a tensile strength of nearly 20,000 pounds. It is stronger than a steel cable that has the same diameter. The rope floats in water, is UV resistant, and is long-lasting. Hypertech's Soft Shackle consists of the same fibers as the tow rope. Its breaking strength is 14,000 pounds.

A pair of gloves protects the hands from cable abrasions, pinching, and burs. The kit comes in a storage bag that easily straps to a UTV. Hypertech's 20,000-pound-rated tree saver serves as a tow rope if necessary. The metal bow shackle, intended for use with the tree saver, has a 9500-pound rating. Hypertech's Snatch Block's size reduces space, yet it has a pulling force of 8800 pounds. It is ideal for changing pull direction or doubling winch capacity.

4-Point Safety Harness

The harness's two-inch nylon tubular webbing meets the tensile strength standards. Integrated pull-down adjusters have a latch and lock fastener with a leather pad for pinch protection. An L-shaped lap and shoulder belt reduces the hassle when strapping it on or removing the harness. Two shoulder pockets provide security with buckles that keep valuables in place. The thick padded shoulder straps provide protection and comfort. Lock and unlock the latch with a single motion. It is quick and simple to install.

Roost Dirt Sports

Offering a wide selection of tools, accessories, and performance products makes Roost Dirt Sports a leader in the industry. Turn to them when you want maximum performance and power or need to upgrade safety features like those mentioned here. The products offered are functional and look great.

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