Right the First Time

Right the First Time

Let’s talk a little bit about the importance of buying the best Polaris RZR RS1 accessories and parts, shall we? No matter how careful you are with your gorgeous new RS1, the day will come when it is not so new. You will need to replace some parts of it. It’s not that Polaris installs poor-quality parts on their equipment, but the extreme usage that is characteristic of most off-road enthusiasts puts a lot of wear and tear on things. In the case of something like a set of ball joints, these are parts that are always prone to loosening up over time. Putting the slam on them every chance you get is only going to loosen them up faster.


While bad ball joints can become a major hazard, even slightly loose ball joints can be a problem as well. Ball joints that are just starting to get a little bit wonky will begin to cause suspension wobble and misalignment. This can make your steering less responsive and inflict a lot of unwanted extra wear on a set of expensive tires. Keeping things tight and right not only saves you money, but it also makes your Polaris a much sweeter and safer ride. Making that hard Z turn on the trail at speed is a lot easier if your steering gear has no slop anywhere in the system. A few microseconds of wasted response time can mean the difference between making the turn and crashing into the berm halfway through.


Replacing worn ball joints is not that difficult, nor are replacements hard to find. Just about any shop will stock the Polaris accessories RZR parts, and manuals you need to do the job correctly. When the time does come for you to do it, you might want to consider using a set of beefed-up aftermarket parts in place of the factory ones. As with many other types of equipment, the OEM parts are fine, but various aftermarket providers eventually come up with substitute parts that have improvements over the original.


The job might be an easy one, but it is still a job. Rather than do it over and over again, get it right on the first try. Use the best parts you can find so they will last longer. This will keep your Polaris on the trail and its passengers safe from the dangers of sudden ball joint failure.

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