Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of Here

When it comes to having a Polaris RZR XP 1000 in the yard, nobody ever buys one just to have a nice conversation piece on hand when BBQ season rolls around. The idea is to get it out there and use it in the places where it was intended to be used. You don’t buy one to get to nice paved campgrounds anyone can reach in a Subaru. You buy it to get to places that nobody else can reach without one.


This entails logging a lot of miles in some very rugged places where help is going to be far away. Nobody wants to get stuck or break down, but these things can happen out on the trail. This is why smart riders always plan ahead, just in case something goes wrong. It can be a very long walk back to the truck if you haven’t prepared for the possibility.


If you accidentally drop into a mudhole or climb down into a sand pit that wasn’t there last year, you might not get out unless you can lay your hands on a decent tow rope. By definition, a decent tow rope needs to include all the additional hardware you might need to make it work out there under field conditions.


You’ll want a proper tree collar in your kit, for example. The Forest Service is not amused when people burn the bark off of their trees using ropes. You should also have no desire to use some sketchy piece of bailing wire to tie onto the ends of your snatch snap. Such a not-so-brilliant plan can fail at the crucial moment and send a 20' strap flying into your face. Getting stuck might be bad, but breaking something or hurting yourself while trying to get unstuck is even worse.


The best idea is to have a fully purpose-designed kit on hand that will cover all of your towing needs. Since space is always at a premium when going deep into the boonies, you also need one that is complete but not so bulky that it takes up a lot of your precious cargo space. It is so easy to add one of these recovery kits to the list of Polaris RZR XP 1000 accessories that you always carry with you. Best of all, you only need to grab that one nice little bag rather than hunt around in your garage for the various individual pieces you might need (and might somehow forget).

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