Dude, Where's My Car Keys?

Dude, Where's My Car Keys?

We all know someone (who is not us personally, right?) who has lost their keys, wallet, or some other important item while out howling across the country in their XP 1000. It is just the nature of the beast to lose things that aren’t securely nailed down when you start rocking and rolling at a high rate of speed.


Out on the trail, there are actually a lot of things that can get rattled loose. Snacks and drinks, navigational aids, smart phones, tools, first aid kits, and extra clothing are just some of the items that get carried around at one time or another. Sooner or later, some of it bounces out the back, and we never even know the stuff is gone until we start to hunt for it and draw a blank. Whether we learn from someone else’s mistake or our own, losing things teaches us to have a better plan in mind the next time.


One solution is to leave everything in your truck back at the trailhead. Of course, you run the risk of losing everything if some nasty person decides to break into it while you are gone. Also, some of this is stuff that you really need to carry, regardless of the risk. There are other options besides keeping stuff in your pockets or back at camp.


There is a wide line of intelligently designed Polaris RZR 1000 accessories that provide secure storage for everything you need to carry. In particular, upper and lower door bags are a great way to haul what you need without being inconvenienced in any way. Anything you need is right there in the bag beside you. These are easy to get into, yet they are carefully engineered with the hazards of the trail in mind. Mud, dirt, and exposed zippers do not go well together, so you want a set that has zipper access that is carefully shielded from the gunk you are likely to acquire in any serious episode of off-roading.


Apart from the benefits of keeping your valuables safe, these compartments also provide the added benefit of some extra padding between you and the door frames. During a long ride, your knees and elbows will undoubtedly prefer being banged up against a padded set of door bags rather than being hammered against cold steel for hours at a time. The best ride is one where you have all the fun you can stand and can still find your car keys once you get back to the truck.

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